We make the best Drink holders!

GripMate™ is your best choice for an all terrain drink holder for boats and rv's. High Quality construction with Grip It protection will never damage the. fine bright work on table tops & gel coat. It does not slip or slide no matter how rough the seas or how sharp the curves are. GripMate™ always stays in place!

We hold on to your Drink!

Never have to worry about rough seas again... Let GripMate Cup Holders keep your drink safe and secure on deck or below. Personalize yours today.

Never spill a drink again!

GripMate™ is the ultimate drink holder for a sailboats. With it's have non-slip base it's sure to hold even the largest bottle of wine or beer while heeled over at extreme angle. Never worry again about a spilled drink again.

Great for sailboats& powerboats !

The GripMate™ can hold much more than just a beer. Try whole bottles of wine, champaign, cel phones, beers in coozey's, sunglasses and just about anything. Always know where your important stuff is on deck.


About us

GripMate™ takes pride in our ability to deliver custom non-slip drink holders that are durable, functional and designed to keep your beverage standing when faced with rough waters or sharp turns. Order yours today.

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Customize Your GripMate™

  • DSCF1755

  • Snook

  • ticket1

  • RV Life

  • Marlin Feeding

  • tough crowd

  • BEAR TRAP Custom

  • ellig yachts

  • 5 Cup Holds

  • ticket2

  • COCORICO On Brown

  • outlaw

  • Dolphin Feeding

  • SHARE E On Brown

  • gabbard air

  • Kemosabe Custom 001

  • 2 Cup Holds

  • BILLFISH 2013

  • BullMarket

  • ZUES

  • Marlin

  • Gripmate

  • 3 Cup Holds

  • Black Dragon

Every GripMate™ can be customized with your logo and or stock text with your boat or RV's name or anything you like.

Customize Your GripMate Today

Custom Embroidered Fish Options

  • thegripmatecom

  • Snook

  • Dolphin w Compass

  • Dolphin Feedin

  • Cobia

  • Red Drum

  • Marlin Jum

  • Custom Cup Holder

  • Tarpon

  • Jumping Sail

  • Bone Fish

  • Wahoo

  • Marlin

  • Sailfish2

  • Clean Livin

If you would like to order one of our custom fish designs above with your GripMate please select Stock Icon and select the fish you would like in the custom order form.

GripMate News


Now offering a one-of-a-kind Custom Cup Holder for your Yacht, Boat, motor coach, or RV. Special non-skid base will not slip or slide, on virtually any surface, in heavy seas or rough terrain. Use one of our many digitized embroidery designs to Customize your Beverage Station/Caddie, or personalize with your boat or RV's name. Drink holder inserts will accommodate cans or bottles in large foam koozies, and also 750 ml wine bottles. A custom addition to any décor inside or outside.